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How Much Can You Get For Your Old PC?

The value of your PC is determined by the parts purchased on your original order. Typically customers are offered 35-50% of their purchase price in store credit although these values do fluctuate. Submit the form below to find out how much your PC could be worth!

What Is Apex Up?

Apex "Up" is a program designed to prevent consumers from needing to dispose of their Apex Gaming PCs. We understand that with time all of our customers will need to upgrade, or replace their PCs. Apex "Up" was created to allow you, an Apex Gaming PCs customer to trade in your old PC, for Apex Gaming PCs credit, and get up to 25% off a new Apex Gaming PC.

Help Keep Electronics 

Out Of Landfills

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream globally. Every year, millions of tons of outdated, broken, or discarded electronics end up in landfills. These devices contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can leach into the soil and water, posing serious health risks to humans and the environment. Moreover, the energy and resources required to manufacture new electronics contribute to carbon emissions and resource depletion. Help keep electronics out of landfills and use Apex "Up" today.

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