Warranty & RMA Information

Warranty and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Policy

General Warranty Information

Lifetime Labor Warranty:

Apex Gaming PCs is proud to offer a lifetime labor warranty, ensuring that customers will not incur labor costs for standard hardware warranty repairs. If your purchase was made during a period when an alternative warranty was offered, rest assured, your system is now automatically covered by our Lifetime Labor Warranty.


This warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents (such as water damage, electrical shorts, fire damage), force, misuse, or environmental factors. Additionally, game, Windows, and driver-related issues fall outside the standard warranty repairs but support for these issues is provided. Apex Gaming PCs aims to offer cost-effective solutions, potentially including warranty services at no charge for such software-related issues.

Damage resulting from unauthorized modifications, improper use, or handling is not covered. Apex Gaming PCs reserves the right to refuse warranty claims if damage is deemed to result from any excluded causes.

Apex Gaming PCs voids all PC warranties if a computer is worked on by a third party. Bills from any third party for services or parts will not be paid by Apex Gaming PCs under any circumstances.

Apex Gaming PCs will not ship or replace any parts to a third party shop unless specifically offered by our Customer Service Team to customers located outside of the United States. In these situations only will a warranty not be voided due to work completed by a third party.

Apex Gaming PCs strongly encourages all customers to ship their PC or part(s) to Apex Gaming PCs for free diagnositcs and repair if their PC is under warranty, and none of the exclusions apply. 


Apex Gaming PCs shall not be liable for damages beyond repair costs, including but not limited to indirect or consequential damages.

Parts Warranty:

All computer components are warranted for one year from delivery. Should a part still be under warranty with the original manufacturer after this period, Apex Gaming PCs will facilitate this at no cost to the customer. Apex or Manik branded parts enjoy an extended warranty period of five years. All other brands are warrantied for one year. 

Post the initial year, replacement parts may incur charges, with customer consent, should hardware failure occur. We ensure the most cost-effective solutions for hardware replacements.

Overclocking damage to CPU, GPU, or RAM is not covered. Accessories and software purchased with the PC are also excluded. Apex Gaming PCs may use new, refurbished, or equivalent parts for replacements and will inform customers of the part condition.


Unauthorized Modifications:

Warranty is void if the system or components are modified without authorization.

Replacement Parts and Shipping

Security Deposit:

For part replacements, a valid credit card is required to secure the return of the original part within five business days of receiving the replacement. Failure to return the part within this timeframe will result in a charge for the MSRP of the replacement part.

Return Shipping:

After 30 days from delivery, return shipping costs fall to the customer. We offer a one-way shipping label purchase option, including a $25 fee for packaging materials and insurance. Customers may choose to ship independently. Return shipping back to the customer is covered by Apex Gaming PCs.


Any overclocking not performed by Apex Gaming PCs voids the warranty. We advise customers to research thoroughly before overclocking independently.

RMA Specific Information


Post-RMA, a video demonstrating the PC’s functionality through stress tests will be provided for transparency.

Packaging for Return:

PCs must be returned in packaging that meets the original standards to ensure insurance validity. Inadequate packaging resulting in damage will make the customer liable.


Do not include accessories like power cords to ensure their safekeeping.

Shipping Liability:

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs, including any applicable duties and fees. We recommend insuring the shipment.

Health and Safety:

Systems must be free from third-hand smoke residues to avoid a potential $100 cleaning fee. We reserve the right to refuse service for health hazard concerns.

Data Backup:

We advise backing up important data before sending in your system for service. While we strive to maintain your data integrity, we cannot guarantee the preservation of data during troubleshooting.

Our commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction through comprehensive warranty support and transparent, professional service.