Part Brand and Condition Policy

Brand Selection and Preference Policy


Apex Gaming PCs adheres to a stringent policy regarding the selection of brands for its computer configurations. While we maintain a comprehensive list of brands for various components, flexibility in brand selection for certain items such as GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) and RAM (Random Access Memory) is necessary to enhance inventory procurement efficiency. Consequently, it is possible that a customer's PC may include components from brands that are not their first preference due to inventory availability.

Customer Preference Protocol:

To address customer preferences effectively, we invite our customers to communicate their preferred and non-preferred brands immediately after placing an order. This communication should be directed to Our team will make every effort to accommodate these preferences within the constraints of current stock levels and product availability.

Pricing Adjustments:

Selecting certain brands or specific models within a brand (e.g., ASUS ROG Strix) may result in a modification of the final price due to inherent price disparities among brands and models. Should a customer opt for a brand or model that incurs additional costs, Apex Gaming PCs commits to providing a detailed quote for approval before implementing any changes to the order.

Brand Change Policy

Post-Delivery Brand Adjustment:

Apex Gaming PCs acknowledges the importance of customer satisfaction with the performance and quality of all components. Therefore, we offer the option to request an alternative brand for a component within 3 days following the delivery of a PC. To qualify for a complimentary replacement, the alternative part must match the original specifications and its Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) must not exceed a 5% variation.

Should a customer desire an upgrade to a variant that involves additional costs, arrangements can be made to accommodate this change subject to payment of the difference.

Example Applications:

  • A switch from 16GB of DDR4-3600 Non-RGB memory by Mushkin to a similar specification by Team Group can be made without additional charges.
  • An upgrade from a Gigabyte Windforce OC RTX 4060 to an Asus ROG Strix 4060 Edition may incur additional costs.

Change Request Procedure:

Customers wishing to utilize the Brand Change Policy should contact, indicating their desire to modify their PC's configuration under this policy. Our support team will guide you through the process to ensure your satisfaction with the final product.

Apex Gaming PCs Part Condition Policy

1. Policy Overview

Apex Gaming PCs is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality gaming computers, exclusively utilizing brand-new, authentic parts for all assemblies. This policy outlines our commitment to the standard of components used in our PCs and our process for addressing concerns about part conditions upon delivery.

2. Sale of New Parts Policy

  • 2.1 Apex Gaming PCs strictly sells gaming PCs comprised of new parts, sourced from reputable manufacturers or authorized distributors.
  • 2.2 As of February 8, 2024, Apex Gaming PCs no longer sells refurbished PCs. This decision underscores our commitment to quality and newness in all our products.
  • 2.3 All components, including processors, graphics cards, memory, storage, cases, and power supplies, are guaranteed to be new.

3. Exclusion of Refurbished PCs from Policy

  • 3.1 Refurbished PCs sold during the years 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024, which were advertised as containing used CPUs, GPUs, and motherboards, are expressly excluded from this policy.
  • 3.2 These PCs were sold with clear indications of their refurbished status, including the use of previously used parts. As such, they are not covered under the no-questions-asked replacement policy detailed herein.

4. No-Questions-Asked Replacement Policy

  • 4.1 Should the condition of any part in an Apex Gaming PC be questioned within 72 hours of delivery, we offer a no-questions-asked replacement policy.
  • 4.2 Replacement Procedure:
    • 4.2.1 Notification of concerns must be communicated to Apex Gaming PCs within the specified 72-hour window post-delivery.
    • 4.2.2 Upon such notification, we will promptly initiate the replacement process, aiming for completion within 72 hours.
    • 4.2.3 Replacement parts will match or exceed the quality and specifications of the original part, ensuring no compromise on performance or value.
    • 4.2.4 Apex Gaming PCs will bear all costs related to the replacement, including shipping and handling.

5. Customer Responsibilities

  • 5.1 It is the customer's responsibility to inform Apex Gaming PCs of any concerns within the 72-hour window post-delivery.
  • 5.2 Cooperation with Apex Gaming PCs during the replacement process is required, including the provision of necessary information and facilitating the return of the part in question.

6. Limitations

  • 6.1 This policy is applicable solely to the original purchaser of the Apex Gaming PC and cannot be transferred.
  • 6.2 Issues resulting from misuse, accidental damage, or customer modifications post-delivery fall outside the scope of this policy.

7. Policy Modifications and Contact Information

  • 7.1 For inquiries or notifications regarding part conditions, please contact our customer support through the official channels provided on our website.